Aluminum alloy air outlet series


"蝦殼"顧名思義是一層保護外殼的產品,主要在風管和水管外加做,用作保溫處理,使其更加安全及耐用,其 材料主要是桔皮花鋁、光鋁、星鐵、白鋼等等。


鋁合金纖維、ABS風口系列鋁合金出風口系列 通風分配系統產品,空氣分配系統產品 五金製品 為您締造完美產品 風喉、水喉、天花板、中央空調管道 空氣喉,軟管,天花板, 中央空調風管


專業零售及批發包括(風喉、蝦殼、 風咀、天花、水喉管、鑼鑼旋管、軟管)等歡迎查詢 專業生產

Paco Buildings Material

Paco Buildings Material is an all-in-one furniture company, including commercial and residential household goods dealer, set design, production is marketing. Our style brand positioning is fashionable, modern, personalised and advocating quality superiority. We provide customers with our one-stop service for the whole house, focusing on its furniture and various types of hardware with the most fashionable and tactile products for customers to choose and purchase.

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